Bradley Smith's "Confessions" now available on Kindle
Bradley Smith's "Confessions" now available on Kindle

As our blurb on Kindle has it, for those who have no reason to know who Smith is, or for that matter what Revisionism is, Confessions is the extraordinary story of an ordinary American who one day discovered he'd believed something all his adult life about Germans and Jews that was not true. Earthy, humorous, unsparing of its author, it's a compelling account of how Smith's quest for right relationship with men, women and ideas led him to confront his last frontier of unwarranted belief – the Holocaust story – and how his willingness to confront that discovery changed his life.

On you can buy

the Paperback edition for$92.35
Hardcover edition for$123.86
Or the Kindle edition for$2.99

Yes. That's just $2.99

Find it here:

Confessions is the only book about the Holocaust that concentrates on the struggle over one's own obligations to civility, to virtue, and to truth, as well as those over history and politics, that confronts the conscientious Revisionist-as well as the Holocaust True Believer. Rich in amusing anecdote and telling insight, Confessions is a valuable guide to the rise of Holocaust revisionism in 1980s America, as well as a highly readable memoir by an accomplished revisionist activist and provocateur.

You can read the Preface and Chapter One of Confessions here:

Bradley Smith
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

Confessions in the CODOH Library

Needless to say that Confessions is available as an html file in the CODOH Library as well, so if you want to stare at the computer monitor while reading it, you can do that here:

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