Shades of Karski: Smuggled Reports of Genocide!
Shades of Karski: Smuggled Reports of Genocide!

The Passionate Attachment brings us a report of skulduggery said to remind one of the Holocaust and, indeed it does, but not for the reasons (pictures of dead women and children) suggested. A clandestine agent - here a purported defector, no less - brings us photos of the victims of Syria's Assad's genocide program with calls upon the president of the United States to throw his country into a war against an enemy ... of the Jews, it turns out.

Like the 1940s story of Jan Karski's undercover exploits in German-occupied Poland, this one is long, tortuous, and ends with a call for US involvement in a fight against parties deemed hostile by Jewish Israel. And in its lurid details of crimes against humanity by the disfavored Assad, it does very much recall the presentation of Karski's fantastical tales of seven decades ago.

Some things never change.

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