A Long, Distinguished History of Child Abuse

A Long, Distinguished History of Child Abuse

The Jewish Labor member of Parliament who established the UK's premier Holocaust "education" apparatus has, under an appeal procedure initiated by his victims, been formally charged with "historical child abuse," reversing the initial decision not to do by the Crown Prosecution Service. This reversal is the first of its kind in British history, and will place the child-oriented octogenarian in the dock despite his lawyers' claims of dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other medical disqualifications of the sort manifested by malingerers throughout history.

The trial, which is scheduled to kick off August 7, does not seem to offer any prospect of actual sentencing, much less jail time, for Britain's most-eminent Jew, but rather is to be aimed at a judgment of facts, to arrive at a declaration as to whether the charges are found true.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that any charges of abuse to the minds and hearts of millions of British schoolchildren will be heard. That would have to be a separate trial, only to be hoped for by people with a yearning for justice.

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