You Helped Us Restore the Smith's Report Archive
You Helped Us Restore the Smith's Report Archive

As CODOH's sole periodical, Smith's Report has always been produced on a shoestring. That was the case from the beginning, when it was typed up (on paper), photocopies onto yet more paper, mailed out, and ... lost. Some of the copies we mailed out are undoubtedly still out there, but we can't seem to find ours. If you have any of the issues listed below in your stash, could you either loan them to us, or scan them and e-mail them to us? We'll put them right up on our site and thereafter, they'll not only be permanently found, but also available to anyone who visits to read and appreciate these many years hence:

WE ARE DONE! Thanks to Art who sent us the missing copies, which we have now all scanned and uploaded. Now we're slowly turning them all into html and include each article into our library. That will take several months, though, so please be patient with us.

Thanks for your help, not only with the revision of history, but with the history of revisionism.

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