Nazi Shrunken Heads (Video)

Nazi Shrunken Heads (Video)

Toward the end or World War II, U.S. armed forces entered the German wartime concentration camp at Buchenwald. The first Americans to become active there were officers of the Psychological Warfare Division. They had a plan: to plant "evidence" in the camp that suggests the German SS had committed atrocious war crimes against the Buchenwald inmates: shrunken prisoner heads, lampshads made of the skin of murdered inmates, etc. Much of this "evidence" was later used during the Nuremberg trials and other similar legal mockeries as evidence against German defendants. From there this atrocity propaganda entered the history books of the world, and the world believed it, and it still does.

The video maker advocates kindness and good vibes toward all Jewish people. And the video maker does not have the intention of reviving Hitler or Nazism. Hitler was a militarist and this video is anti-militarist. Having said that, the maker of this video also believes that the holocaust is a giant myth. A myth that reverberates today into the promotion of war. This video is about how the media and politicians manipulate the gullible American public and much of the rest of the world for pro-war purposes then and now.

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