The Speed of Amazon Censorship, Part II

The Speed of Amazon Censorship, Part II

Again: How long does it take Amazon to ban a book they hate?

Actually, the last test we reported wasn't even finished, because we published the German edition of the same book on that same day, but Amazon Germany was asleep at the helm. They figured out only roughly one week later, hence after three weeks in total, that we have the book out in a German edition as well. However, when they scraped that off their site, they also realized we have a new couple of books out, which they annihilated at the same time. This, too, is an English-German double release we are now proud to announce officially:

Wait, a few words before I do. This new book has been in the pipeline since 2017. We had some difficulties getting this through the editing process, and then we got distracted by several serious issues, among them Amazon's massive censorship assault of March 2017. Now we managed to put it back on our agenda, and after we updated the book to four years of further research, here it is in all its glory:

C. Mattogno, Deliveries of Coke, Wood and Zyklon B to Auschwitz: Neither Proof Nor Trace for the Holocaust

Researchers from the Auschwitz Museum tried to prove the reality of mass extermination by pointing to documents about deliveries of wood and coke as well as Zyklon B to the Auschwitz Camp. If put into the actual historical and technical context, however, as is done by this study, these documents prove the exact opposite of what those orthodox researchers claim.

Available as paperback and e-book (PDF, ePub, Kindle). Find out more here...

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