A New Venture

A New Venture

Not too long ago, with a great deal of excitement tempered with cautious optimism, we began a formal foray into a brand new endeavor of fundraising and raising awareness about the full frontal assault being waged on the time-honored institutions of freedom of expression and association in the west. We opened a merchandise store on Teespring, featuring collectibles, mementos, apparel and various household items emblazoned with messages promoting the principles of free-thinking and an anti-censorship message.

This is a fantastic new way to support CODOH/CHP, because not only does your purchase go towards furthering our work, but CHP merch promotes it as well, helping us reach a broader audience! As if that weren't enough, the items we're offering in our store (and that selection is only going to grow in time) are hardly mere trinkets.  We can all use new shirts, hoodies, mugs, and things like that from time to time.  These items aren't just utilitarian, but they also have novelty and make for great conversation pieces to keep in your home for when you entertain guests who are of a more thoughtful and open-minded disposition.  They're also great gifts for that person that all of us have in our lives who seems to "have it all." Until we secure more permanant sources, these items could even have some unintended collector's value, should we begin to experience censorship on these vendor platforms as well.  (And let's be honest, we'll all be rather surprised if we don't.)  

Printed merch is an evergreen income source for pretty much anyone that invests the time and effort into it, and it's never wise to have all of one's eggs in one basket so to speak. By spreading the word about this new branch of our endeavors and purchasing from us, you're helping CODOH/CHP become that much more independent. We're well aware that Teespring is a very mainstream (and thereby tenuous) platform, and our plans for this enterprise are to get established to where we can source and print our own merch in a cost-effective manner as opposed to using print on demand services that have questionable loyalty to the principles of free speech and the cause of truth in history to which CODOH/CHP is dedicated. We're also well aware that even at the steep discounts we're currently offering the HH series at, it's a major investment for anyone and everyone who doesn't have a substantial amount of disposable income to invest in things like books. Merch with our designs doesn't just help us spread and celebrate the message, it provides a much more affordable—and perhaps more engaging for folks who aren't as bookish as others, means for you to support our endeavors.

The Bigger Picture

Another, (and possibly one of the biggest and most forward-thinking) components of this new project is that the more controversial you are perceived to be by the public, the more important it is that you find ways to establish yourself as relevant in the minds of the people who your ideological adversaries are actively striving to bias against you.  For some of the people who have been weaned their entire lives on a steady diet of state-sponsored indoctrination in our education system, the history is settled.  Revisionist history is a non-starter with them.  But anti-censorship messages?  Well anyone can get onboard with that. Putting things out there that "normal" people can consume doesn't just get support from people who would never buy books from us, but exposes them in a roundabout way to our message. The merch store is only a small application of this principle, but it is as good a start as any.

To win the war of ideas, we must think like infowarriors, and with CHP free speech merch, we're providing you with tunics that declare your allegiance to your comrades on the ideological field of battle. Our new merch store is a great way to support our endeavors at lower cost to yourself while still acquiring something truly unique and useful as part of the bargain.  One can't ask for much more than that when it comes to opportunities to lend a helping hand in the cause for truth, liberty, and righteousness.  Visit the webstore here.


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