The "Gas Ovens" of Auschwitz

The "Gas Ovens" of Auschwitz

In 2019, an anonymous German volunteer took on translating the massive technical work on the cremation furnaces of Auschwitz, which constitutes Volume 24 of our series Holocaust Handbooks. Parallel to this, we planned on issuing an updated second English edition of the same work. By mid-2020, our volunteer was 2/3 done with the translation when he suddenly disappeared (without ever submitting any of his translation work). After failing to give any feedback by mid-2021, I decided to start from scratch and do it myself. Both the German translation and the revised, updated 2nd English edition were ready to go at the end of October 2021, but our attempt to set up a new distribution chain in Europe outside of the UK has delayed our switching this book free, as we hoped to set up the German edition of this book with the new system. Facing many delays, we finally switched free the new, 2nd English edition of this book in early December, and when more delays were imminent, we switched the German edition free as well. Hence, without further ado:

C. Mattogno, F. Deana: The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, 3 Parts (Text, Documents, Photos)

New Edition! All three volumes of this exhaustive technical study of cremation technology in general and of the cremation furnaces used at Auschwitz and Birkenau in particular. Next to the alleged "gas chambers," these furnaces are claimed to have been the main "weapon of crime" said to have destroyed the traces of up to a million murdered individuals. On a sound and thoroughly documented base of technical literature, extant wartime documents and material traces, Mattogno reveals the true hygienic function, meaning the benign nature of the cremation furnaces of Auschwitz…

Available as paperback, hardcover and e-book (PDF). Find out more here...

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