Hitler's Revolution

Hitler's Revolution

We've long wished to offer our own edition of this excellent book to our customers, and now we can! We've struck a deal with the author to be permitted to published a new edition, improved mainly in terms of a better layout and a higher image quality for the more than 100 illustrations accompanying this excellent introduction into what Hitler's Third Reich was mainly about from the perspective of those 95% of Germans who enthusiastically supported it to the bitter end. (We've had the German edition of this book since 2016, the second edition of which you can find here.)

Richard Tedor: Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs

New edition, exclusively from Castle Hill! This study explains how Adolf Hitler transformed Germany within four years from a bankrupt nation to Europe's power house, why he became so popular among the vast majority of Germans, but envied and hated by leaders of neighboring countries. This study challenges the orthodox version of history. It is written for all those who feel that something is missing in the usual presentations.

Available as paperback, hardcover and e-book (PDF). Find out more here...

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