Friends, Revisionists, Countrymen . . . Lend Us Your Ears!

In this day and age, with so many people having to work long hours to provide for their families, reading a book can seem like a tenuous proposition.  With an increasing number of things vying for our time and attention, it's just not reasonable to keep good and empowering information locked away from anyone who doesn't find the prospect of opening a book and reading the most rewarding use of their spare time.  Consequently, we've seen Audio Books explode onto the market in recent years, with platforms like Audible making bank off of a pretty hefty monthly subscription fee for access to a substantial library of audiobook editions. The demand has become so great that not only is it standard procedure now, for many publishers to commission an audiobook release alongside newer books, but even old classics are having new life breathed into them in this capacity as well. 

Even more than current trends, We try to pay attention to the wants and needs of our readers, and so we would be remiss to not put serious time and effort, and resources into audiobook versions of titles in our catalog as well. As of right now, seven of our more popular books are available in CD ROM hard copy and digital (Mp3) download.  We plan to add more options to that lineup as time and resources allow. 

Audiobooks don't just make it viable to learn new information and enjoy a book while you're on the go, but can even enhance your normal reading routine, by giving you something to read along to.  We hope you will be as delighted and encouraged by these works as we were to be able to produce them. Ever onward, ever forward, dear friends.   Vincit Omnia Veritas.


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