The Complete Germar Rudolf Collection Is Now Available In A Specially Priced Bundle Offer!

We're now running a special on the entire collection of books from the prolific pen of our own Germar Rudolf.

Christmas is here a bit early if you're a connoisseur of dissident literature.  Not just because everything currently in print that Germar has written is now available in one convenient bundle, but because this is the bundled offer that this is, you can save a whopping $100 on your purchase!

Most of us are a bit old to be believing in all that Christmas folklore about Santa Clause, sleighs full of presents, red-nosed reindeer, and whatnot.  But we CAN confirm a sighting of Rudolf the Revisionist Reindeer— and the gifts he's bringing this year keep on giving! Just be forewarned that welcoming a visit from him is sure to land you on the naughty list of more than a few alphabet organizations and agencies...   


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