Embattled Narratives: You Won't Want to Miss this Excellent Debate

Embattled Narratives: You Won't Want to Miss this Excellent Debate

This debate on the Holocaust was at the invitation of Matt Cockerill, a Ph.D. student in history (somewhere), who runs the “History Speaks” page on Substack.  We agreed on the format up front: he and I would issue opening statements, each without knowledge of the other’s. Then Matt would issue “Rebuttal I” against my statement, I would reply with “Rebuttal II” (to his opening and RI), he would have a “Rebuttal III”, and then two closing statements, with me having “the last word.”  The debate was run over two months (April/May 2023), and posted on his Substack page.  Below are the 7 segments of the debate, in the order posted.

--- Thomas Dalton


Cockerill is a rather knowledgeable young man, and as such this debate is of interest not merely because of the topic itself, but because in our estimation, this intelligent fellow is a fair representation of what scholarly (or at least the attempt thereof) anti-revisionism looks like in the younger generation. So how did this up-and-coming academic and devotee of "Holocostodoxy" fare against the battle-hardened scholastic acumen of Mr. Dalton? Will the youthful zeal of the young scholar of the official narrative bring to light some new aspect of the historical records that will confound, befuddle and outwit the embattled veteran of revisionism? Or will we see that all the tenacity in the world will avail you little if spent on the futile endeavor of belaboring the same tired old talking points of Holocaust orthodoxy that revisionists have refuted in triplicate many times over? 


Download the document attached and let the candid readers decide for themselves.


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