Another Shoah . . . ? A.I. Chatbot "Nazi" *Literally* Commits Another Holocaust With "Anti-Semitic" Facts and Algorithms

Another Shoah . . . ? A.I. Chatbot "Nazi" *Literally* Commits Another Holocaust With "Anti-Semitic" Facts and Algorithms

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By E. Michael Jones, 


Harari tells us that what “we normally take to be reality is really just fiction in our own minds.” — AI and the future of humanity | Yuval Noah Harari at the Frontiers Forum

The prime fiction that we normally take to be reality is the Holocaust. It is impossible to talk to a Jew about the Holocaust. However, the competing algorithms that inform Chatbot introduced unexpected results into the ADL’s attempt to thwart any real discussion of the Holocaust. When someone asked Chatbot “How many Jews died in Auschwitz?” Chatbot responded: “It is estimated that at least 1.1 million people died at Auschwitz, the majority of whom were Jews.

That answer led to the following conversation:

“Were the murdered Jews in Auschwitz cremated?”
“Yes, the bodies of those murdered in Auschwitz were cremated.”
“How many crematorium ovens did Auschwitz have?”
“Auschwitz had a total of four crematorium ovens.”
“How long does a crematorium oven take to cremate one body?”
“A crematorium oven typically takes between two and three hours to cremate one body.”
“Is it possible to cremate 1.1 million bodies, using only four crematorium ovens in four years.”
“How many years would it take?”
“It would take more than 78 years to cremate 1.1 million bodies using only four crematorium ovens.” 

Shockingly, it turns out that Chatbot is a Holocaust denier. At this point, the Jewish thought police at the ADL and elsewhere are faced with two equally repugnant alternatives. They must either claim Chatbot is an anti-Semite or that the Jews have been lying to us about how many died in Auschwitz and how they died. If you say one Jew less than six million died in the Holocaust, you will go to prison in virtually every country in Europe. Bishop Williamson was accused of Holocaust denial when he claimed that 300,000 Jews died during World War II. He narrowly avoided a prison sentence for saying that. But what happens if Chatbot claims that running the crematoria at Auschwitz nonstop for three years, 24 hours a day, every day of the week for the three years the camp was in existence could have disposed of 120,000 corpses, not 1.1 million, as the Virtual Jewish Library claims? The answer is that the Holocaust narrative collapses. We now understand why Harari fears AI.

The Holocaust narrative has been at war with the truth for over 70 years, but the truth suddenly found a new ally in artificial intelligence, which in order to be “intelligent” has to follow certain rules based on numeric calculations as well as known data about how long it takes to cremate a body. Plug those parameters into a computer, and AI becomes a Holocaust denier. Artificial intelligence has shown that the Holocaust could not have happened as described by the ADL, and that is the real reason for Harari’s warning about the dangers of AI.

A Wall Street analyst who has long experience dealing with the Jews did his own math and came up with another set of figures that made the Holocaust even less plausible than the “daunting math” of Chatbot.

Assuming the weight of an AVERAGE emaciated corpse is approx. 120-125 lbs. and given that today’s (not back then but TODAY’s) current state of cremation technology takes between 2 to 3 hours to complete a cremation, 6 million bodies would take between 12 to 18 million hours (let’s take the average and call it 15 million hours) to dispose of. With one crematorium operating non-stop, 24/7 (impossible -there are breakdowns, maintenance, etc. — but for the purpose of illustration let’s forget about that) it would have to operate for 625,000 days or 1,925 YEARS NON-STOP or almost 4,000 years operating at 12hr/day. Now, how many crematoria were allegedly in operation? Well, if there were 10 operating 12 hours a day that would take 400 years, 20 operating 12 hours per day would be 200 years, and so … yes…the reality is that it’s simply not possible. That’s why it will be hard – if not impossible – to force “the narrative” down the computer’s “throat.” There are simply too many facts of physical reality that would have to be changed which would, in turn, cause all sorts of other problems with calculations on topics not even related to this particular one….Sooooo…more “cunning of reason” I suppose.

Is AI Chatbot anti-Semitic? Or is the math behind the six million claim impossible? Either way, it’s clear why Harari is upset. The Jews can’t control their own robots. 

NOTE:  Auschwitz was an industrial plant created by the private firm IG Farben to produce synthetic rubber and fuel.  It was not a death camp.  Once the war turned against Germany, the government was desperate for a workforce as German industrial workers were pulled into the army in an effort to stop the Russian advance.

Auschwitz had 4 crematoriums to handle normal deaths and deaths from typhus and other disease.  The photos of skeletal bodies taken at the end of the war show the dead from starvation and typhus in the final days of the war when German society was in complete collapse and there was no food or medicine for the German Army.  They are not evidence of death camp activity.  The misrepresentation of work camps as extermination camps has been institutionalized as a historical fact despite the evidence.  In historical accounts, lies often prevail over truth.  Today the heavy censoring of truth will create an even falser record of the past for future generations.

NOTE: How Long Does It Take to Cremate a Body for a Funeral?

“The actual cremation process typically takes three to four hours.” 

“The actual cremation usually takes approximately 3-4 hours.” 



Since the subject of this article deals with AI and brings to mind the inevitable fallout of AI chatbot algorithms being apparently unable to conform to the official narrative with the information at their disposal, it's rather fitting to include an AI-generated image that is at the very least, tangentially relevant: 


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