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You may have noticed that the CODOH Donation Page has had problems for a long time, and it has been down entirely for the last two, three weeks. Now we have installed a New Donation Page for Bradley Smith [inactive now; ed.]. You will find it by clicking on our website's "Donate" tab in the main menu above. Remember: There is no source of income for CODOH, or for Bradley Smith personally, without YOUR contribution. It's been that way for some 23 years. It's that way still.

The server which CODOH uses to collect and process credit card donations has been listed as a "spammer." As a result, Bradley Smith's email services have refused to accept emails containing vital information about these donations placed on CODOH's website. It took us five weeks to figure this out. The problem is fixed now, but almost everybody who has placed a credit card donation during the past five weeks has done so in vain. Please be so kind and read this appeal by Bradley, and if you have been affected by this, consider repeating your donation or choosing a different method (transfer, check)...