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It is an indisputable fact that Germar Rudolf’s dedication to scholarly fidelity has produced some of the finest, most exquisitely detailed, most meticulously researched works of revisionist literature in existence. But this collection of books is much more than just a collection of his writings...


No single person better represents the face of the Holocaust than Anne Frank. Her diary is compulsory reading for many school students around the world. Therefore, its influence on the shaping of young minds cannot be underestimated. This new book exposes Anne’s famous diary as a deceptive and highly misleading story written by somebody else altogether.

Amazon is the world’s biggest book retailer. They rake in some 50% of all consumer spending on books in the U.S. and dominate several foreign markets as well. Pursuant to the 1998 declaration of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos to offer “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” customers once could buy every book that was in print and was legal to sell.

After three years of painstaking work to compile over 3,000 audio files into a cogent, harmonious, and high-quality end product, we're proud to announce that HH15: Lectures on the Holocaust is now available as a 24-hour audiobook!

Special Treatment in Auschwitz, 2nd, updated edition:

According to official historiography, terms like "special treatment," or "special action," when occurring in German documents in the context of the "Holocaust", were camouflage words which really meant the killing of inmates. By bringing numerous documents into their proper historical context, Carlo Mattogno shows that this interpretation is profoundly wrong...