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It is an indisputable fact that Germar Rudolf’s dedication to scholarly fidelity has produced some of the finest, most exquisitely detailed, most meticulously researched works of revisionist literature in existence. But this collection of books is much more than just a collection of his writings...


After three years of painstaking work to compile over 3,000 audio files into a cogent, harmonious, and high-quality end product, we're proud to announce that HH15: Lectures on the Holocaust is now available as a 24-hour audiobook!

We just launched new editions of two important revisionist books: Hoax, and The Real Case for Auschwitz (see this news item). Both have only minor corrections and revisions compared to the previous edition, but still, like in car sales, the old models have to go, and so we sell them at greatly reduced prices. It's your chance to make a bargain! (All shipping is from our UK outlet only.)