Brand New Edition: "The Revisionist" No. 2/2005

Brand New Edition: "The Revisionist" No. 2/2005

We managed to get our hands on an edition of the revisionist journal The Revisionist which has never been published before: issue no. 2 of 2005. It was scheduled for publication in late October 2005 by its then editor and publisher Germar Rudolf, but right when he was wrapping up this issue, he got arrested by the U.S. authorities and deported to Germany, where he vanished in various prisons for the revisionist "thought crimes" he had committed while in the U.S. (where such "offenses" are perfectly legal).

Germar discovered this almost ready-to-go issue a short while ago on his old computer and made it accessible to us. We have edited it, done some layouting, and have posted it online as a free pdf file. The individual contributions will follow step by step as html files. Some are already online as this notice is being typed. [As of Aug 1, 2012, they are all available; ed.]


(And no, Germar has no intention to resurrect The Revisionist. If you are interested in high-quality revisionist scholarship, please visit our journal Inconvenient History.)

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