Gala Opening-Night Events to Promote the Movie Denial

Gala Opening-Night Events to Promote the Movie <em>Denial</em>

Full-page ads promoting Rachel Weisz in an orange "mop wig" and a coveted appearance on the New York Times "Times Talk Show" could not keep Denial from sputtering toward box-office failure (defined as failing to gross more in the first six months than the cost of production.) 

Gala opening-night events in five US cities raised a first weekend total of $93,728 according to but by Thursday, the take had shriveled to a meager $7,942 in nightly box-office receipts. This in New York, L.A., Chicago, Boston, Miami, cities with populations that are much more interested in Holocaust propaganda than most.

The US-wide opening in 31 theaters on Friday October 7 - October 9 netted $230,000. Movie promoters announced an estimated gross for Week Two of $523,727. Like much of the movie itself, this was false. The actual was $360,000.

As a comparison, another fictional movie, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, netted $15,000,000. 

The production costs of Denial have not been released.


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