Holiday Greetings !!

Holiday Greetings !!

The members of CODOH would like to send out the warmest Holiday Wishes to all who visit our website. Winter Solstice has been observed in many cultures for thousands of years as people have celebrated the  defeat of darkness and the coming of light and Truth.

Whatever your faith or creed, CODOH shares these values and welcomes all people to support the basic values of being human; free thought, free speech and the urge to seek the Truth.

Without these values, society will remain in the darkness of ignorance.

This is the first year that CODOH has operated without its founder, Bradley Smith.  We have tried to continue the innovative educational approach of Bradley.  This last year CODOH has:

-Published 25 titles, including new books, new editions of old books, and reprints.   

-Printed 4 informative issues of Inconvenient History along with a single volume for the year.

-Produced several powerful new videos including the excellent Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed.

-Maintained and expanded the CODOH Revisionist Forum.  It is more popular than ever and is the biggest such forum in the world.  It has become, in essence, an enormous database of all the arguments from both sides of the aisle concerning the 'holocaust' narrative, complete with references / citations / links. It is a nice compliment to the search function at the CODOH main page.

-Continued the Campus Project running ads in some major universities such as NYU and Stanford U among other campuses across USA.

-In Social Media CODOH now has a strong presence on Face book, and has started Twitter and YouTube postings.

-We have also created a blog at CODOH which provides constant news updates, articles, videos and all Codoh activities as well as a weekly update send through a mass mailing company to our mailing list subscribers like you.

We think that Bradley would be proud of our work and hope that you would like to support CODOH.

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