Holocaust Denial: The Tip of the Wedge

Holocaust Denial: The Tip of the Wedge Repeating a towering irony widely noted in the reaction to the Charlie Hebdo killings, French Premier François Hollande has renewed calls for criminalization of a wide range of disapproved sentiments expressed on the Internet. And what crimes does he name that incite his moral indignation? Anti-Semitism and its evil stepsister, Holocaust Denial! That any such repression should be part of a reaction to the perceived bloody attack on freedom of expression in the French capital is très ironique, to say the least. But using Holocaust Denial as the stalking horse for such initiatives is becoming a tradition in France - a tradition begun with the Gaysott Act criminalizing revision of sacred history and taking France well down the road leading away from the vaunted freedom of expression that the incredibly agile premier claims for his regime in the very next breath. It truly is hard to forget the tragedy of the Holocaust - especially when it continually spawns fresh tragedies such as these.

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Peter Hindrup on Feb. 20, 2015, 8:45 p.m.

'Truth' that cannot withstand the the light of scrutiny? Who is it that benefits form this 'truth' that may not be examined? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny, it never has.