Journal of Historical Review, vol. 14 (1994) completely online

Journal of Historical Review, vol. 14 (1994) completely online

In the late 1990s, Germar Rudolf decided on his own to post on his website all the papers which up to that year had appeared in the Journal of Historical Review (JHR). When he reached volume 13, the publishers of that journal from the Institute of Historical Review asked Rudolf to cease his activity, as they planned to do the remaining issues of the journal themselves.

Fact is, though, that from there on the project faltered. Up to this day, many papers published in the JHR after volume 13, number 1 (January 1993), have never been posted online. To this very day, 10 years after the journal has ceased to exist, the former publisher still has not done anything to remedy that situation.

We are working hard to change this. As of now, CODOH's volunteers have posted ALL the papers up to JHR vol. 15, no. 1. Particularly important was their work on volume 14, of which only the papers from the first number had been posted online so far. All the rest was nowhere to be found, with a very few exceptions. But they are now all available, including all their illustrations.

If you can, please express your appreciation for this work to our volunteers, and maybe you can even chip in to support their work, either by volunteering or by donating to their cause!

Thanks a lot for your kind considerations
Santiago Alvarez
CODOH Webmaster

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