Let's Celebrate! NEW CODOH has doubled in size!

Let's Celebrate! NEW CODOH has doubled in size!

When we got NEW CODOH.com running back in June of this year, we started on an ambitious expansion course to get more information posted on our website. At that point, CODOH.com consisted of only a little over 1,000 documents. But today we exceeded the 2,000 mark, hence CODOH.com has doubled in size! And this is only the beginning. Plus, needless to say, it's not all about size. We strive to make an increasing amount of well-organized, high quality information in all formats available to the world.

Currently we are bringing the old issues of The Journal of Historical Review online. The project has reached vol. 13, no. 5 (September 1993), hence some 60% of all the JHR papers which have ever been published are available on CODOH.com now. We are also in the process of preparing all papers of Inconvenient History for posting in the CODOH library, although that project suffered a setback when our volunteer's computer had a hard drive crash, as a result of which he lost all the data (they always tell us to make backups, but we never do – or do we?)

In addition, CODOH is now sponsoring and aggressively pursuing the production of high-quality revisionist video documentaries, and we hope to be able to present the first results early next year.

But for now, bring in the champagne!

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