Memorial Issue of Smith's Report: Grab your Copy

Memorial Issue of <i>Smith's Report</i>: Grab your Copy

Smith's Report #220

Special Memorial Edition


This is the Special Issue of Smith’s Report (#220) on occasion of Bradley Smith's passing away. We have printed this 36-pages edition with a color cover. As announced, we will mail this item out free of charge to all who have donated to the Smith family.

Due to a computer crash and the lack of any email back-ups, however, we have lost the information of some donors who dropped us an email saying they, too, want a copy. We apologize if some of you haven't received their copy yet.

The following list of initials indicates whose addresses we managed to retrieve and whose issues have already arrived or are in the mail. Anyone else who has donated to the Smith family and wants a copy as well, please get in touch.:

H.L. of S
B.L. of F
A.WM. of B
C.K. of S
O.H.J. of O
J.P. of SGL
F.T. of N
A.R.B. of E
P.E. of L
S.C. of H
K.O. of S
C.A. of M

This issue has been posted completely online, so you don't HAVE to buy a hard copy in order to read it. You can download the entire issue as a PDF file here, or you can read each contribution online here.

If you want to order a hard copy anyway, and by so doing help us recover the printing costs, please place the order here..., or for U.S. residents, you can drop us a check for $10, payable to CODOH, to:

PO Box 20774
York PA 17402

As an exception, this item will be mailed from the U.S., rather than the UK.

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