New Book Shop Online Offering "Air Photo Evidence"

New Book Shop Online Offering "Air Photo Evidence"

The deed is done, finally!

The old online book shop by Castle Hill Publishers, blessed be its memory, apart from being not the prettiest, has also had many functional deficiencies. I won't even start listing them. The bad news is that in spite of all the core hacking we did with it, we never managed to fix it, and the good news is that we finally managed to overcome it by programming a customized solution that replaces the old one. Good riddance!

Anyway, after almost two months of tough programming and testing we've switched our new online shop free for everyone to see and for everyone to actually use! We do not expect it to function flawlessly, as teething problems must be expected, but.. well, if you don't mind visiting it and test-surfing the new shop, and letting us know of any problems you encounter or suggestions that might come to mind which could improve the shopping experience, we'd really appreciate it.

Apart from the new surfing experience, there is yet another reason why we invite you to visit the new shop: We've added a product that some of you have coveted for quite a while but couldn't get a hold of, as this book had been out of print for a long while:

Air Photo Evidence

Air Photo Evidence

By John C. Ball


During WW2 both German and Allied reconnaissance air planes took air photos of the battle fields in Europe. These photos are prime evidence for the investigation of the Holocaust. Air photos of locations like Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Babij Yar etc. permit an insight into what happened there. This then can be compared with what witnesses claim has happened there. Ball's book is full of air photo reproductions and schematic drawings explaining them. According to Ball, these images refute many of the atrocity claims made by witnesses in connection with events in the German sphere of influence. This work is in the English language and can be supplied with a brochure containing German translations of the text passages. If you wish to obtain such a supplementary brochure, please indicate so in the "Special Instructions" text field during checkout.

Rush, as we have only a limited supplies!

For our German customers/Für unsere deutschen Kunden: Dieses Buch gibt es mit einer separaten Broschüre, die den Text des Buches in deutscher Übersetzung enthält. Siehe den Bucheintrag im Shop in deutscher Sprache für nähere Infos.

120 pp. letter size paperback (8.5"×11"/280 × 217 mm), 1992

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