Offensive Art in Estonian Art Museum Censored

Offensive Art in Estonian Art Museum Censored Subject to criminal penalties in their own countries, artists from Poland and Israel found a fleeting welcome for their works in the art museum of Tartu, Estonia, the country's intellectual capital and second-largest city after the (governmental) capital, Tallinn. But the irreverent, even cynical artistic observance of the Holocaust's seventieth anniversary quickly fell foul of the unblinking eye of the Holocaust Censor that watches everything everywhere all the time. Here, for your information, the brochure, helpfully translated into English, for the show that all the fuss is about. What's really pathetic is the dissembling of the artists when called out for their transgressions. They try to deny that their work decries the promotion, perpetuation, exploitation and exaggeration of the Holocaust that so offend the sensibilities of all persons of understanding and good will.

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