Picking up Lipstadt's Gauntlet: Book Proves Her Utter Failure

Picking up Lipstadt's Gauntlet: Book Proves Her Utter Failure

Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, professor of Jewish and Holocaust History, is in the news again. The soon-to-be-release movie Denial retells how she won a court battle against British historian David Irving who had sued her for libel, allegedly committed with her 1993 book Denying the Holocaust. Almost simultaneously, both this book as well as Lipstadt's 2005 book History on Trial about that libel trial, upon which the movie is based, are about to be issued in new editions. It is a propaganda war against Holocaust revisionism.
CODOH and Castle Hill Publishers, the world's leading outlets for quality Holocaust revisionism, have decided to accept this challenge. We will start releasing our own books, movies and articles on this issue over the next several months.
And here is the first: Lipstadt's 1993 book, which started the entire chain of events leading to this new movie, has been critically reviewed by revisionists before, but only in brief articles addressing a mere few issues (see e.g. the reviews by Ted O'Keefe's, John Anderson, Anthony O. Oluwatoyin, Charles E. Weber and Carlo Mattogno,). No one has ever bothered taking on the whole book, analyzing it from cover to cover, exposing its many flaws. That's where we thought things have to start. Hence here it is:

Fail: “Denying the Holocaust”

How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory

By Germar Rudolf

With her book Denying the Holocaust, which is scheduled to be re-published in December 2016, Deborah Lipstadt tried to show the flawed methods and extremist motives of “Holocaust deniers,” who, so the book’s description claims, have “no more credibility than the assertion that the earth is flat.”

Backed up with hundreds of references to thoroughly researched studies, the present book demonstrates that Dr. Lipstadt clearly has neither understood what the principles and methods of science and scholarship are, nor has she any clue about the historical topics she is writing about. She misquotes, mistranslates, misrepresents, misinterprets, and makes a plethora of wild claims without backing them up with anything. Among other things, she utterly fails to use generally recognized standards of evidence. Given the way she handles documents and data, it is clear that she has no interest in scholarship or reason. In fact, truth has been the antithesis of her enterprise.

Rather than dealing thoroughly with factual arguments, Lipstadt’s book is full of ad hominem attacks on her opponents. It is an exercise in anti-intellectual pseudo-scientific arguments, an exhibition of ideological radicalism that rejects anything which contradicts its preset conclusions.

Since she admits herself that her opponents’ motives are irrelevant, as an inescapable consequence, so is her book.

F for FAIL

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