Smith's Report No. 193 (September 2012) online

Smith's Report No. 193 (September 2012) online

The latest issue of Smith’s Report (no. 193, Sept. 2012) is now available for free online viewing. The lead article illustrates how CODOH’s work on the university campus, simple as it is, retains the fervid interest of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Ms. Sara Bloomfield, Mistress of the mighty United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has sent an appeal nationwide asking for donations to “Confront Holocaust Denial.” Mistress Bloomfield singles out the work of Bradley Smith and CODOH to establish, yet again, how the publication of simple advertisements in student newspapers puts at risk everything her monumental Holocaust-promoting institution is dedicated to serving.

Other articles in this issue of Smith’s Report include Letters to the Daily Trojan at USC and The Sundial at Cal State U at Northridge, papers on Survivor Guilt, Unique Tattoos, a new chapter on The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism, an introduction to Zan Overall “The Wise Old Man” and the beginning of his work at CSU-Northridge, and then there is Smith’s own “Fragments: Another Ordinary Life.” In Fragments you will find references to Germar Rudolf, Hemmingway, Thomas Jefferson, Barbara Streisand, Holocaust obsession, Smith’s parrot Cyrano, and a few of the leaders of the Free World arguing against a free exchange of ideas.

And then Smith must add this note, with apologies: He understands that he has gotten well behind the curve with this issue of SR. He pleads an unseemly bout of sickness following his last two (and final) sessions of chemotherapy. On the one hand, that appears to be behind him now for the foreseeable future. On the other, getting behind with the work can be very bad for contributions. It has been. Very bad. Smith does not have the institutional support of a Lady Sara Bloomfield. Smith is on his own. Not quite. He has the readers of Smith’s Report. He urges you to contribute. He would plead, making note of his dire financial situation in the moment, but understands that would appear unseemly. He will only note that the moment is urgent.

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