Smith's Report No. 195 (February 2013) online

Smith's Report No. 195 (February 2013) online

The latest issue of Smith’s Report (no. 195, Feb. 2013) is now available for free online viewing. Bradley Smith's lead article reports about a number of new developments on various additions to the Library, cooperation with the British publishing firm Castle Hill Publishers, a new edition of Inconvenient History, stats of the CODOH Forum, activities on Facebook, and Brad's Confessions on Amazon Kindle.

It also features a number of news articles about the ongoing persecution by prosecution of revisionists worldwide, an essay on the "human face of revisionists" by Dr. Ingrid Zündel-Rimland, and a brief paper by Prof. em. Dr. Robert Faurisson on bedside gassing. What? Yes, that's right!

It's rounded off by Smith's diary entries of random thoughts, as usual.

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