Store-Wide Discounts and Premium Shipping Now Available

Store-Wide Discounts and Premium Shipping Now Available

After upgrading all of our software on our server to the current versions, we were able to improve and add a few features to our online book store which we think you will like:

Store-Wide Discounts

If you order more than one print book, we will grant you a discount, no matter whether it's several copies of one title or one copy each of several titles. The discount will increase automatically with the number of books you buy. So you will be rewarded for being a voracious reader. Here is the table with some values of the discounts we currently grant (it is calculated mathematically, hence the decimals):

No. of Items Discount
2 10.000%
3 14.895%
4 18.000%
5 20.218%
6 21.916%
7 23.275%
8 24.400%
9 25.352%
10 26.174%
15 29.090%
20 30.940%
30 33.272%
40 34.752%
50 35.809%
75 37.545%
100 38.647%

If a title has an individual bulk-discount table, then this bulk discount will be applied for this item instead, if it results in higher discounts (which it usually does), but the number of copies bought still counts to calculate discounts of other not bulk-discounted items you buy. So you can save big bucks when shopping big time. (I know, you can't save money when spending lots of it, but you know what we mean...)

Note that this does apply only to print books. There is no further discount on ebooks or audio books, which are already very cheap. We also exempted our promotional items from this scheme, as we sell those at or below production cost.

Premium Shipping

When checking out with your shopping cart, you now have two shipping options:

  1. "Standard" shipping: this is the cheaper (and slower) method, but it usually is uninsured and not trackable. If your order total is beyond a certain amount, and if you enter a street address, we might upgrade this manually without charging extra to the second method:
  2. "Premium" shipping: insured and trackable (UPS, usually a few days). Please note that UPS does NOT deliver to PO Boxes, so make sure to enter a proper street address when selecting Premium shipping! Premium shipping inside the contiguous US is rather expensive (upward $15 per order, depending on the order's total mass), very expensive to Alaska and Hawaii (upward $29 per order, depending on the order's total mass). But it is very affordable within the UK (not quite $6) and relatively affordable within the EU (between $9 and $11.20), no matter the amount of books you order.

If you ordered using "Premium" shipping, or if we upgraded your order to "Premium" shipping, we will inform you about your order's tracking information as soon as it becomes available to us.

Revamped Search Engine

Our old site search engine stank. For instance, any special character entered would derail it and result in nothing found, and entering a book's title would never result in that book coming up at the top of the list. With our upgraded software, we have managed to greatly improve this. Now special characters are fine, and if you enter a book's title, or terms contained in it, that book will actually show up at the top of the search results. Yee-haw!

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