Student Politico Learns about the "Third Rail"

Student Politico Learns about the "Third Rail" Cameron Weaver, twenty-six-year-old student member of the board of trustees of Los Rios Community Colleges in Sacramento, Calif., gave a long interview to a harmless-seeming female reporter from the student newspaper of one of the institution's four campuses. In an interview that, judging by the reporter's picture (right), any ambitious young man might have been pleased to make as long as possible, Weaver expiated on school shootings, vaccines, 9/11 and - oh, no! - the Holocaust. Weaver is a thoughtful young mistruster of authority who in this case wasn't quite thoughtful enough. He crossed the line, and Reporter Barbara Harvey, whose head might be a bit better attached to her than Weaver's is to him, hung him out to dry ("Weaver said he doesn't know if the Holocaust happened."). Trustee Weaver is now scrambling to pick up the pieces (of himself), and apparently is facing a recall movement spearheaded by a former trustee who is also the head of the Jewish Community Relations Council. Reporter Harvey's byline, which graced the first report of Weaver's indiscretion, has disappeared from the ensuing thread of reporting of the incident in The Current, her newspaper, and the story has surfaced in the outside world in the Sacramento Bee (link above). But this story will certainly burnish the resume of the winsome young journalist-to-be. She certainly knows how to find a good story, and break it for maximum impact. Didn't John Randolph Hearst have a castle out that way somewhere nearby?

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