"They Hate Us for Our Freedom"

"They Hate Us for Our Freedom" The spinning of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity as a "freedom of expression" issue has been roundly exposed as a hoax greatly resembling George W. Bush's transparent plaint after the 9/11 events that "They hate us for our freedom." Come ON! All the French/Muslim murderers wanted was treatment under the (numerous and intrusive) laws of France equal to that enjoyed by those espousing a certain mythology concerning "the Holocaust" in that country. In the home of Liberté, the Gayssot Act provides criminal penalties for anyone publicly expressing any doubt as to the details of the official (undefined) mythology. Lacking adequate access to France's extensive apparatus of control and repression, they merely took recourse to AK-47s, which they DID have access to, and sacrificed their lives in the process (do you think they really meant it?). I hope their savage methods fail. I also hope the disguised savagery of the Gayssot Act fails, and that that and all the other laws in France that oppose free speech are repudiated and repealed. Short of that, I hope the admirers of the Prophet get their damned law, and France sinks into a miasma of regulation and repression to the point where everyone leaves it.

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Darrel on Jan. 24, 2015, 3:12 p.m.

I was wondering what you guys think of this all. I am struggling to make this sequence of events make sense. 1. Palestine falls under attack from Israel over the summer of 2014 2. Swedish government recognises Palestine as a state 3. Other European countries hint that they might recognise Palestine as a state – including France 4. Palestine applies for statehood at UNSC; application rejected. France voted Yes. 5. Palestine applies to join the ICC; UN chief hints that application will be effective April 2015 6. Israel freezes Palestine tax revenue in retaliation for ICC move. 7. Israel says they will seek further retaliation, and that they will shift from defence to attack mode. 8. One day after such Israeli comments, we saw the charlie hebdo massacre. The whole thing involved a hostage situation in a Kosher shop. Not to mention that Charlie hebdo would have never dared to satirize the Jews – saying anything about the Jews in Europe will put you in jail. 9. Netanyahu calls on Jews to move from Europe to Israel, and offers support to France in their fight against terrorism.

Jan Spreen on Oct. 5, 2015, 1:17 a.m.

I cannot believe that David Cole surrendered and surfaced as David Stein. The convictions that he displays in his fabulous movie are so strong, such a person would prefer to go to hell rather than give in to the bunch of crooks he unmasked. David Cole=David Stein=yet another lie