To Send or Not to send - That Is the Argument (Alison Chabloz)

To Send or Not to send - That Is the Argument (Alison Chabloz)

Dear All,

Firstly, apologies for not updating you all earlier. The latest twist in my court case effectively removes my right to publish anything other than the briefest of briefs for fear of being immediately summonsed for breach of bail or contempt of court. My every move and key stroke will be being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the hope of my family and I being finally worn down to such an extent that I will plead guilty, thus giving my accusers the legal precedent they so desire.

Last Friday, the original charge brought against me in a private prosecution by Mr Faultfinder of the Campaign Against Britons Having The Right To Free Speech In Their Own Land (CAA) was dropped, bringing the total of dropped charges to four. Court was then briefly suspended in order to allow the Crown Prosecutor to serve me with four more charges – two for each song: I am now accused of sending and, at the same time causing to be sent(!), two songs which my accusers claim caused them gross offence. This, after they themselves had sought out one of my blog posts and clicked on a hyperlink which in turn redirected them to YouTube. In short, they chose to watch a video which I did not upload to YouTube and which was never sent to them in the first place.

With a lack of evidence to prove that I would, in fact, have sent or caused to be sent anything other than a hyperlink, my case has again been prolonged whilst the Crown seeks expert analysis, to be submitted in August. A new date for legal argument has been set down for October 25. This gives the CAA another four months of breathing space during which time their small but noisy army of Twitter trolls will no doubt continue to stalk and harass anyone they disagree with.

Last week’s hearing was in fact suspended twice whilst lawyers agreed on dates and discussed varied bail conditions. It was noticeable that the Crown Prosecutor used these breaks to liaise with a tall, olive-skinned young man and that each party was constantly checking their phone. Was this gent a representative of CAA? My original accuser and his chief witness were both conspicuous by their absence: since CAA won its costly campaign to bring about a judicial review of the Jez Turner case, at least one report suggests that it is now a Zionist lobbying organisation which is giving orders to the CPS – a supposedly independent body – when it comes to prosecuting anyone CAA dislikes.

[The Crown Prosecution Service] agreed to consult the CAA in future when making decisions regarding similar cases against Jewish people and whether it can be regarded hate speech or free speech.

Regards my bail conditions (imposed for a ‘crime’ without precedent and therefore likely to go to a higher court and, I might add, all at taxpayers’ expense), these limit not only my freedom of expression but now also my freedom of movement. I must notify my solicitor if I intend to stay anywhere other than my official address for a period of more than ten days. Offers of accommodation for nine days would be most welcome. It doesn’t have to be in the Bahamas – but I wouldn’t say no!


Unsurprisingly, there have been no reports in the media about this landmark case. The last thing my accusers and a pandering, corrupt Establishment want is more Britons waking up to the harsh reality of yet more tyrannical legal constraints undermining our most precious freedom – being able to think for ourselves and express those thoughts. Likewise, there has been complete silence from the press both about Falter’s original charge being dropped as well as the recusal of District Judge Arbuthnot who gagged me last December, resulting in never-ending bail. Frankly, it’s difficult to see how any advantage could be gained by way of further intimidation and harassment of my family and I, as a result of pressure being applied on the authorities by CAA. Or perhaps that's just me being naïve and we really do live in an Orwellian dystopia where patriotism is now a crime?

To conclude, I shall not be using the Internet much in the coming months but you can stay in touch by leaving comments on my blog or contacting me via email. I will try to respond as time and bail conditions permit. There is enough information already on my blog and elsewhere, detailing my ordeal, which exposes quite clearly the underhand methods used by CAA to try and force a conviction. 

The good news is that I now have several new songs ready to record and perform, as well as ideas for two books. In the meantime, if you could please support me and encourage others to do likewise by ordering a copy of my Songs of the Shoah EP and/or by donating to any amount, large or small, to my PayPal account, I would be very grateful. 

Much gratitude to my steadfast legal team and to those who made the trip to support me last Friday. Thanks for reading and blessings to all. 

Alison Chabloz. 

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Marcus on July 5, 2017, 3:18 p.m.

I wish you well.

Jett Rucker on July 6, 2017, 8:25 p.m.

I think David Irving is in Key West these days. I think he should offer Alison a nine-day sojourn there. SO much like the Bahamas, and close by, as well!