Winter Issue of Inconvenient History 2016

 Winter Issue of Inconvenient History 2016

The new issue focuses on the Irving v. Lipstadt trial due to the release of the recent movie, "Denial."

Eight new articles are presented in this Winter 2016 issue :

David v. Goliath: Irving v. Lipstadt (London, 2000), by Jett Rucker

The Battle for Discussion: A Look Back, by Richard Widmann

Deborah Lipstadt and the Ruling Discourse on Holocaust Studies, by Bradley R. Smith

Lipstadt's Motivations and ad Hominem Attacks, by Germar Rudolf

The Taboo Against Truth: Holocausts and the Historians, by Ralph Raico

Holocaust Howlers, by Ken Meyercord

The Anti-Revisionist Hollywood Movie Attacking Historian David Irving Is a Flop: Review of Denial, by Michael Hoffman

Profile: Hugh S. Gibson, the First Holocaust Revisionist, by Jett Rucker

We have also updated our CODOH library by mirroring Inconvenient History's issues #2, #3 and #4 of 2016

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