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Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil (2:21:00)

By DenierBud , published 2019-11-13

...DenierBud. DenierBud

Memorabilia : Bradley Smith and David Cole on the Donahue Show, Commented by Denierbud

By Smith, B., Cole, D., DenierBud , published 2017-03-06

Memorabilia : Bradley Smith and David Cole on the Donahue Show Commented by Denierbud n 1994, two gas chamber deniers, Bradley Smith and David Cole, went on a talk show. Dean Irebodd, the...

Buchenwald (Part 2) (2:21:00)

By DenierBud , published 2019-11-13

...DenierBud. DenierBud

Phil Donahue Show, Featuring David Cole and Bradley Smith

By Smith, B., Cole, D. , published 1994-03-14

...DenierBud) Bradley R. Smith David Cole

A Revisionist Videomaker's Confessions

By DenierBud , published 2012-03-29

...Denierbud's videos (Dean Irebodd)". Editor's remark 2018: DenierBud no longer produces documentaries, but CODOH still does, so any donations made will support our various projects in t...

Auschwitz—The Surprising Hidden Truth

By DenierBud , published 2012-04-01


Smith and Cole Appear on "Donahue" Show in Major Media Breakthrough for Revisionism

By Weber, M. , published 1994-05-01

...DenierBud) With an estimated eight to eleven million viewers, "Donahue" is one of America's most popular television talk shows. Thus, the recent appearance of revisionist activists Bradley Smith and ...

Christmas 2013 And The Life Itself

By Smith, B. , published 2013-12-07

...Denierbud’s One Third of the Holocaust, and Eric Hunt’s The Last Days of the Big Lie. And I suggested that he ask his professor if he or she could provide the name, with proof, of one person killed in...

Buchenwald—A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil

By DenierBud , published 2009-11-01


Treblinka - More Bumblings from Bomba

By Kues, T. , published 2009-10-20

...DenierBud, the cutting of the hair of 1,000 women would result in approximately 100 kg of hair. We should recall here that the valuables (money, jewels, precious metals) confiscated from the Aktion R...

This Is What CODOH Should Do, Feedback from SR Readers

...Denierbud. When it comes to murder mysteries, people like visuals. Witness the success of true-life TV crime shows (e.g., the Investigation Discovery network). “Let me see what you revisionists are ta...