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Video Magician Eric Hunt (The Last Days of the Big Lie) has done it again, and in many ways better than ever! The Jewish Gas-Chamber Hoax is a 47-minute video featuring deftly selected cuts from Steven Spielberg's survivor interviews along with clear, persuasive animations that deliver resounding impact. The first half of the film presents Yitzhak Arad's long-standing and never-questioned assertion that Treblinka was a "death camp" from which no one emerged alive, at least not with the approval of the camp's operators. Hunt thoroughly demolishes this assertion with witness after witness from Spielberg's own trove clearly stating that they were transferred onward from Treblinka. Then, proceeding in the opposite direction (from truth to lie), he proves that victims of gassing (by cyanide or carbon monoxide) turn red, not blue, as attested to by the modal "eye witness." After establishing the fact, he proceeds to name and quote testimony after …

Following the path traced by Paul Rassinier in the 50's as well as the master of the modern French revisionism, Pr. Robert Faurisson, the new generation of French Revisionist scholars seems to be led nowadays by the engineer Vincent Reynouard. After enjoying 9 months in jail beneath the peculiar repressive French law called 'Gayssot Act', aka 'Faurisson law', a weapon specifically designed by holosupporters against the modern Revisionism, our man is not discouraged at all and keeps on fighting hard in order to make historical truth prevail.

The Auschwitz Camp had sickbays and hospitals where thousands of inmates were cured. Since late 1942, the camp authorities, foremost the garrison physician Dr. Wirths, tried with all conceivable means to keep the Auschwitz inmates alive and healthy. 

This new book from Castle Hill Publishers, Volume 33 of our Holocaust Handbooks, is full of irrefutable documentary evidence for that.