Volunteers Wanted!

Thank you very much for visiting our Volunteer page!

Here are, in brief descriptions, the various ways how you can get involved in the "greatest adventure of the twenty first century" (Robert Faurisson). If you want to learn more about any of the topics or want to offer your assistance, please click on the links provided, which will open an email with the relevant topic in the email's subject line. Let us know what questions you have or what you are interested in specifically, and we will be more than happy to reply! Please rest assured that we will keep the fact that you have contacted us as well as your identity strictly confidential at all times. If you wish, you can communicate with us anonymously, using your own secret second identity. We are not interested in knowing who you are. We appreciate that you want to help, and this is all we need to know about you. If you have general inquiries, please contact our web master.

Note: The links on this webpage are supposed to open a new email with our email address entered, launched from the email program you are using on your computer. If that is not set up properly, the links won't work. In that case, please simply visit our contact page and drop us a note that way. Thank you.

Data entryHelp us maintain our huge database of revisionist material on the Web.Perseverance
Editing & ProofingFine-tune the text of web pages, papers and books written by our authors.Good language skills (grammar, orthography, punctuation)
Free Speech ClubsEstablish local clubs organizing lectures and discussions on free speech and controversial topics.Social and organizational skills
Media ContactsCreate and send press releases; establish media relations for us to place ads and organize interviews and discussions.Web research, writing skills
MoviesRecord interviews, discussions, chats, speeches; create documentaries, present revisionist material visually.Camera and video editing skills
Promotion MaterialCreate and/or distribute promotion material (flyers, brochures, stickers).Creativity / light on your feet
Research & WritingResearch a topic with our logistical help; write your own papers and get them published with us or others.Common sense
ReviewsKeep track of new books, movies, articles etc. on pertinent topics; read them and write reviews to be published by us.Common sense
SpeakingOrganize public or private events (speeches, discussions, lectures, conferences); speak publicly yourself.Organizational talents / good speaker
TranslationsRender web pages multilingual; translate important revisionist material into other languages.Good bi- or multilingual skills
Web MaintenanceMaintain and improve the backbone of our online services.Html coding; additional skills welcome (CSS, JScript, PHP, MySQL)