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Volume Seven · Number Two · Summer 1986

Between 1980 and 2002, The Journal of Historical Review was published by the Institute for Historical Review. It used to be the publishing flagship of the revisionist community, but it ceased to exist in 2002 for a number of reasons, mismanagement and lack of dedication being some of them. CODOH mirrors the old papers that were published in that journal.

WK. v. U.-Ziechmann

The Falcon and the Eagle: Montenegro and Austria, 1908-1914 by John D. Treadway; Purdue University Press, 349 pp. $18.00 Aptly titled, The Falcon and The Eagle, while of particular interest to the student of diplomatic historiy, makes absolutely fascinating reading, even for those general scanners who have but the most fleeting impression of the immediate…

Abraham Bomba, Barber of Treblinka

I have now seen the complete nine and one half hour documentary, Shoah, which purports to be “An Oral History of the Holocaust.” It was produced, directed, narrated and is now being promoted by Claude Lanzmann. From the newspapers I gather that Lanzmann is an assimilated French Jew who speaks neither Hebrew nor Yiddish. He…

Historians Wrangle over the Destruction of European Jewry

International historical conventions dealing with the question of the “destruction of the Jews during World War II” have been rare up to now, the consensus being that such events were superfluous. On that subject, historians had fundamentally adhered to what had been pronounced as “historical fact” at the various show trials held by the victorious…

The Legionary Movement in Romania

It is the authors' observation that most people make the mistake of not considering socio-political phenomena in their natural context in order to discover the legitimate causes, the true sense of their development, and especially their importance in the environment which fostered them. Carried away by the passion of political convictions or by the hope…

The Politics of Hunger: The Allied Blockade of Germany, 1915-1919

The Politics of Hunger: The Allied Blockade of Germany, 1915-1919. By C. Paul Vincent. Ohio University Press, Athens (Ohio) and London, 1985; pp. viii, 191. When did the First World War end? Yes, that is a "catch-question." Virtually everybody will reply "November 1918;" but, in so doing, they will be wrong. That was the date…

Politics, Prejudice and Procedure

Recent years have seen some erosion in the traditional view of the Andrew Johnson impeachment trial as a lawless episode of political partisanship. Johnson's reputation has worsened even as historians have come to see the essentially moderate character of the Republican Reconstruction program.[1] Legally, the impeachment is not as self-evidently insupportable as it once seemed….

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