Author: Robert Higgs

Robert Higgs (born 1 February 1944) is an American economic historian and economist combining material from Public Choice, the New institutional economics, and the Austrian school of economics. He describes himself as a "libertarian anarchist" in political and legal theory and public policy. His writings in economics and economic history have most often focused on the causes, means, and effects of government power and growth.

How Economic Warfare Caused Attack at Pearl Harbor by Robert Higgs (17:28 min)

How Economic Warfare Caused Attack at Pearl Harbor  Robert Higgs in this video (17 minutes) lists and explains the number of actions taken by Roosevelt in getting the USA into war against the Axis countries. Robert gives an illuminating insight into Roosevelt's various efforts to provoke Germany and Japan. Robert gives special emphasis on the events leading…

World War II and the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Robert Higgs is research director for the Independent Institute in Oakland, California, the author of Crisis and Leviathan, and the editor of Arms, Politics, and the Economy. This essay is reprinted from the May 1995 issue of Freedom Daily, published monthly by the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), 11350 Random Hills Rd., Ste. 800, Fairfax,…

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