Month: January 2001

The Wiesenthal Files: What the Documents Reveal about Simon Wiesenthal’s Past, Part 2

Chapter 2: New Light on a Dark Past The Institute for Historical Review has recently obtained from the U.S. National Archives a copy of a document dating from 1945 that provides new evidence that famed “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal collaborated with the Soviet Union during the Second World War.[1] The author of the document, a…

Rape of Dulcinia

January 27, 2001 The touching words of Elie Wiesel (Jerusalem in My Heart, NYT 1/25/2001) painted a beautiful portrait of the Jewish people, yearning for Jerusalem, loving and praying for it over the centuries and cherishing its name from generation to generation. This potent image reminded me, an Israeli writer from Jaffa, of something familiar…

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