Author: Enrique Aynat Eknes

Enrique Aynat Eknes (1954, Spain) is a Spanish graduate in law and author of several publications on the Jewish Holocaust. Among them are: "El Diario ABC y el Holocausto", a study of the wartime Holocaust coverage of a leading Spanish newspaper; "Los Protocolos de Auschwitz: ¿Una fuente histórica?", an analysis of the first detailed investigation of the alleged homicidal gassings at Auschwitz. In addition, in 1994 he published "Estudios sobre el Holocausto" and the following year "El Holocausto a debate". He is also remembered for an article that appeared in the magazine Revision on the falsity of Anne Frank's Diary based on the book by Ditlieb Felderer: "Anne Frank's Diary, a Hoax".

The Death Books of Auschwitz

An analysis of data from the Auschwitz Death Books published in 1995. The results support the revisionist thesis of the fate of the French Jews: They died primarily of the catastrophic hygienic conditions prevailing at Auschwitz, as reflected in the camp commandant’s reports intercepted by the British and sent by radio to Berlin. There is no evidence that inmates who were unable to work were sorted out for immediate killing, as many witnesses have claimed.

Auschwitz and the Exile Government of Poland According to the “Polish Fortnightly Review” 1940-1945

1. Motive and Genesis For some time I have been interested in knowing how the Polish Government-in-Exile reacted to the enormous slaughter of Jews that supposedly took place in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. Whatever may have occurred in Auschwitz, it was the concern of the Polish exile government, for Auschwitz was on the territory…

Neither Trace nor Proof

The French author Jean-Claude Pressac has written a monumental work – 564 pages in large format, with hundreds of photographs, plans, sketches, drawings and reproduced documents on the creation, utilization and destruction of seven Auschwitz-Birkenau installations which supposedly once housed execution gas chambers. J.-C. Pressac carried out an exhaustive on-site investigation. During the course of…

A Visit to Auschwitz

From the 18th to the 25th of June of 1989 I was in Poland with the aim of visiting the State Museum of Oswiecim (the old German concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau) and carrying out research in the Museum's archives. Arrival at the Camp I arrived at the camp on June 19, 1989 and…

Crematoriums II and III of Birkenau

Material, criticism, and suggestions furnished by the Italian investigator Carlo Mattogno have been of great value to me in the completion of this study. The author, however, assumes sole responsibility for any errors or shortcomings which may be noted in the following pages. I. Introduction Until a few years ago, it was a matter of…

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