On the Holocaust Controversy

Nos. 17 and 18 · www.Codoh.com · 1994

Revisionist News & Comments

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Renegade Radio!

Toward the end of June I received a telephone call from a man identifying himself as Executive Producer for W.A.L.E.-AM in Providence RI. He introduced himself as Musa Kalimullah and asked if I would be interested hosting my own radio talk show on W.A.L.E. He wasn't offering me a job, but wanted to sell me…

CODOH Ad Runs in 35 College Papers!

The CODOH advertisement challenging the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to display proof that homicidal gassing chambers existed anywhere in Europe during World War II has appeared in at least 35 campus newspapers this academic year. We had no way to know in the fall that we would be so successful. Here are the campuses where…

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