Month: August 2006

Austrian Court Rejects David Irving’s Appeal

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”George Orwell Vienna – The Austrian Supreme court has upheld a guilty verdict against the world's leading expert on World War Two, David Irving. Irving was found guilty of “denying” the Holocaust on February 20th of this year. The court confirmed the guilty verdict in a closed-door session…

Letter to Amnesty International Regarding the Persecution of Germar Rudolf by the Government of Germany

Amnesty InternationalD-53108BonnGermany August 16, 2006 Sir/Madame: I have been informed that one of the main purposes of your organization is to defend human rights worldwide. I am writing to you now to inform you of a very serious human rights violation that is taking place in your own nation, and to request that you would…

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