Month: April 2020

Mark Weber on Revisionism and Politics (1:01:28)

Distinguished historian, researcher and author of 100 plus articles, Mark Weber, speaks in detail, about how President Harry Truman, decided to ignore advice regarding the US recognition of Israel, and disregard the usual criteria involved. Weber states that Harry Truman supported the recognition of Israel, as Zionists were big financial supporters of the Democratic Party….

Nazi Concentration Camps 1945 Documentary Actual Propaganda Film Used in Nuremberg Trials.

Propaganda video (59 minutes) made by the Allies for the Nuremberg "Trials". Bogus claims abound. George H Stevens made this film but only used 7.5% of the footage shot.  Leipzig – 12 SS men supposed to have burnt to death 200 political prisoners. Penig – Nazis, including Medics forced to look after the victims. Ohrdruf –…

The Holocaust Big Lie Documentary Introduction to the Holohoax Lies for Beginners (40: 52 min)

This documentary is a concise, easy to understand, short film about the Holohoax lie. It is intended for "beginners" who are newly red-pilled and recently discovering the lies behind the official, mainstream narrative of the so-called "Holocaust". It's also a great tool for the red-pilled individuals in our camp to recommend to normies to introduce…

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