Month: November 2017

Letter to the Vidette, Student Newspaper at Illinois State University

To Ms. Madeline Smith, Business Advisor [email protected] The Vidette, the Student Newspaper at Illinois State University   Dear Ms. Smith, I am writing on behalf of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust regarding your e-mail of November 27. We were surprised that the Vidette would breach its contract and pull our advertisement.  This was…

Student’s Feeling of Sadness at German Stalingrad Soldier’s Grave Sets off Furor in Russia

IN LIGHT OF MY PREVIOUS POST: Advice-giving White men who think Germans should get off their knees and stand up to the world again should actually be asking the rest of the world to lay off the “Nazis” instead. And do they? It's they, too, who won't stop contributing to the unfair defilement of Germany's past….

The Allied Leaders on the Holocaust

One of the many anomalies concerning the Holocaust is that the three leaders of the Western Allies – Eisenhower, De Gaulle and Churchill – did not seem to be aware of it. Despite Nuremberg and despite that they, of all people, were highly informed in every aspect of the war, their memoirs are unexpectedly laconic…

Antisemitism Harassment Campaign and The Law with Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz talks about her trial for posting satirical songs about The Holocaust. Alison was originally targeted because of her Pro Palestinian views under the banner of "antisemitism". This video lasts 5 minutes, and contains some thought provoking views on the Holocau$t scam, arranged and played by Alison, on the keyboards.

Matter of Censorship should be a worry to us all

By and large, the general public accepts the given narrative of WW2. The victors get to write history, thereafter ensuring that their version of events is reinforced by way of education, media and, in particular, the funding of onside lawmakers who will eventually be persuaded to bring about legislation that will effectively silence dissenting views….

Memorabilia: Germar Rudolf’s 1999 Slide Show about the Alleged Nazi Gas Chambers

Here is one of Germar Rudolf’s first appearances in public in the USA, illustrating his forensic findings about the alleged Nazi gas chambers with an excellent slide show at David Irving’s 1999 Real History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. With an introduction and commentary by Mr. Irving. Germar Rudolf is the present leader of CODOH. Germar,…

CAA Wikipedia Article Revised Following ‘Gross Violation’ of Rules

Two days ago, Google alerted me to a recent request for deletion regards the Campaign Against Antisemitism Wikipedia article which contains a ‘Litigation’ section discussing the private prosecution brought against me by CAA Chairman, Gideon Falter. The request for deletion, made by user Amisom, was contested by the article’s creator, Widefox – real name Johnathon Weare, a biophysics and IT…

Red Ice Live Michael Hoffman on “Denial,” new Movie about “Holocaust Denier” David Irving

This is an excerpt from the ninth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show exclusive for Red Ice Members. Michael Hoffman comments on the biased movie Denial depicting David Irving's legendary court case against Deborah Lipstadt over holocaust truth. Michael Hoffman thoroughly debunks more BS from Jews, who are thoroughly honest of course, about haircuts…

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