Vol. 18 (1999)

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VolumeEighteen · Numbers 1 through 5/6 · 1998

Between 1980 and 2002, The Journal of Historical Review was published by the Institute for Historical Review. It used to be the publishing flagship of the revisionist community, but it ceased to exist in 2002 for a number of reasons, mismanagement and lack of dedication being some of them. CODOH mirrors the old papers that were published in that journal. To see the table of contents of this volume’s issues, click on the respective issue number in the subcategory list below.

Vol. 18 (1999)

After the Irving-Lipstadt Trial: New Dangers and Challenges

David Irving: 'Defeated But Unbowed' A verdict has finally been reached in the much publicized Irving-Lipstadt libel trial in London. Judge Charles Gray, in a lengthy ruling made public on April 11, 2000, called David Irving an anti-Semitic and racist “Holocaust denier” who has “deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence.” The judgment could hardly have…

IHR Internet Web Site Offers Worldwide Access to Revisionism

On its own Internet web site, www.ihr.org, the Institute for Historical Review makes available an impressive selection of IHR material, including dozens of IHR Journal articles and reviews. It also includes a listing of every item that has ever appeared in this Journal, as well as the complete texts of The Zionist Terror Network, “The…

Flawed Documentary of Execution Expert

Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999) Genre: Documentary film. Length: 1 hr. 31 min. MPAA Rating: “PG-13” (www. mrdeath. net). Starring: Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., David Irving, James Roth, Shelley Shapiro, Suzanne Tabasky, Robert-Jan Van Pelt, Ernst Zündel. Director: Errol Morris (www.errolmorris.com). Producers: Dorothy Aufiero, David Collins, Michael Williams….


Numb with Shock Having just finished reading James Bacque's book, Crimes and Mercies, I am numb with shock. It is nearly impossible for me to believe what so-called fair and honest people of America and England carried out in postwar Germany. So much for my English heritage of fairness – of “playing cricket” by the…

Perspectives on the Past and Present

Joseph Sobran is a nationally-syndicated columnist, lecturer, author, and editor of the monthly newsletter Sobran's ([… now defunct; ed.]). “Man of the Century?” is reprinted from the January 6, 2000, issue of the traditionalist Roman Catholic weekly The Wanderer (201 Ohio St., St. Paul, MN 55107). “Persecution Update” is reprinted from the December 1995 issue…

The Truth Leaks Out About Kosovo

This essay is reprinted from the December 1999 Phyllis Schlafly Report: P.O. Box 618, Alton, IL 62002. Web site: www.eagleforum.org The embarrassing truth is starting to come out that the Clinton Administration lied to us about Kosovo atrocities which were supposed to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia. In five months of investigation and exhumation of…

No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’

A Polish court has decided not to punish a history professor for a “Holocaust denial” book that presents arguments questioning aspects of the familiar Six Million extermination story. On December 7, 1999, the regional court in Opole, in southern Poland, found that Dariusz Ratajczak supported revisionist views on the Holocaust issue in his book, Tematy…

The National Socialist Party in Third Reich Germany

During his lifetime Lothrop Stoddard (1883-1950) was one of America’s most influential writers. He earned a doctorate from Harvard, and was the author of 15 books, including the much-discussed 1920 work, The Rising Tide of Color. He wrote numerous articles and essays, and was an editorial writer and foreign affairs expert for The Washington Star….

Historical Myth Justifies Golan Heights Occupation

Israeli, Syrian and United States negotiators have recently been meeting to work out an agreement by which Israel will return to Syria the Golan Heights, a portion of territory seized by Israeli forces in 1967. According to Israeli diplomatic sources and Israeli newspaper reports (early January 2000), the Jewish state’s price for the turnover is…

Holocaust as Political Industry

Peter Novick [author of the new book, The Holocaust in American Life] asserts that the Holocaust has desensitized us to other genocides, but stops short of asking who invented the Holocaust in the first place. Who decided to capitalize the noun “Holocaust” and transform genocide into a political weapon and fund-raising tool? In America, which…

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