Month: November 2020

Faking the Holocaust.

In this (three minute) video, six photos doctored by the Allies are shown. The technique of "photomontage" was developed by a Communist Jew in Austria, called Raoul Hausmann. This was later taken up by another Communist Jew called Helmut Herzfeld. He later "changed" his name to John Heartfield. He produced a large number of photomontages for the…

Poison Partners:  The Alliance of the US and the Soviet Union

One of the most-incongruous aspects of World War II is the American alliance with the Soviet Union before and during the war. The U.S. government, which claimed to fight for democracy and freedom, made common cause with one of the most-brutal dictatorships the world has ever seen. This article documents the crucial role that American aid played in the Soviet Union’s victories during World War II.

The Father of Holocaust Revisionism was in a Concentration Camp

Yehuda Bauer talks about the first academic Holocaust revisionist Paul Rassinier. Paul Rassinier (1906 – 1967) was a French pacifist, political activist, and author who is viewed as "the father of Holocaust Revisionisn". He was also a member of the French resistance who survived Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps. Hearing that other prisoners were claiming that "gas chambers" existed at Buchenwald, he was…

Facebook Bans CODOH/Castle Hill

After announcing on October 12, 2020, that they would ban any material contesting the orthodox Holocaust narrative, we were holding our breath. Now we don't have to hold it anymore. Since yesterday, November 25, our facebook pages are official taken down: From our end, we only received a notice on the screne once when…

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