Month: November 2020

HLS Deports Another Elderly White Man 94 Year Old Friedrich Karl Berger

Friedrich Berger deported from the United States. Source: WBIR Channel 10Order upheld for man who guarded Nazi campNov 20, 2020 Article: Official Website of the Department of Homeland SecurityU.S. Immigrations And Customs EnforcemantICE Newsroom Removal order upheld against Tennessee man who served as Nazi concentration camp guard during WWII11/19/2020 Article:

Holohoax Tales Collapsed on Death March Licked Snow on a Corpse Spotted his own Shoes

We are continuely told that the Germans didn't care about the Jewish internees. Yet, this internee states he went to "sick bay", at a "death" camp, before going on a "death" march. Source:Youtube: NSW JBDApr 28, 2014Jerry Rind, a survivor of the Holocaust, Terezin and the Death Marches  

Michele Renouf David Duke on the Heretical Two Revisionists Deported and Jailed 2009

The beautiful and highly intelligent Lady Michèle Renouf speaks to David Duke about Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle, known as the Heretical Two, Britain's two asylum seekers, who are at present sitting in the Santa Ana Jail near Los Angeles USA awaiting their case of political asylum to be decided on. The arrest was on…

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