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Our Projects We Ask You to Support

Project costs $15,000.00
Raised so far $10,550.00
Still Needed $4450.00
Staying out of the Memory Hole 2020

With the awareness that revisionists may be entering a period of increased persecution, the Board of Trustees announces a program to preserve and archive revisionist research and educational productions. Currently much of the last 50 years of revisionist research and educational material is stored in “the Cloud,” i.e. private servers. Trusting the Cloud to preserve anything contrary to the politically correct governmental narrative is risky. As we have seen, entire collections of videos and ebooks can be wiped out by Cloud administrators with just a click... and just for violating “community standards.” Fortunately, vast files can now be easily preserved on personal computers with expanded memory capacity. Right now, the transfer would be easy although time-consuming. The expense of this project would be approximately $7,500, and there is already a pledge of $1,000. It may be the most important project CODOH ever undertakes. Please help.

Project costs $4,000.00
Raised so far $100.00
Still Needed $3900.00
Sonderkommando Auschwitz II: The False Testimonies by Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon

Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 45: Sonderkommando Auschwitz II: The False Testimonies by Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon:

These two witnesses are held in high esteem among the orthodoxy for their tales about Auschwitz: Tauber testified mainly on what he claims happened inside the Birkenau Crematorium II, and Dragon focused on allegations rgarding the so-called “bunkers” of Birkenau. This study dispels the notion that these witnesses’ tales are worth any more than the paper they are written on.

This book is waiting to be translated to English and German, and for sponsors to help us finance it.

Project costs $6,000.00
Raised so far $0
Still Needed $6000.00
Mis-Chronicling Auschwitz: Danuta Czech’s Flawed Methods, Misrepresentations and Deception in Her Ausch­witz Chronicle

Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 47: Mis-Chronicling Auschwitz: Danuta Czech’s Flawed Methods, Misrepresentations and Deception in Her Ausch­witz Chronicle

Danuta Czech’s voluminous book Auschwitz Chronicle is considered the most-important reference book for the historiography of the Auschwitz Camp. After decades of using it, Mattogno has compiled a long list of misrepresentations of source material and outright lies and deceptions that need to be exposed. This mega-fraud of a book needs to be retired from the ample ranks of Auschwitz’s sources.

This book is currently getting translateed to English. Please help us with paying for this.

Project costs $4,000.00
Raised so far $0
Still Needed $4000.00
The Dachau Concentration Camp

Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 49: The Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau is one of the most-notorious Third-Reich camps. It’s about time revisionists gave it their full attention. Carlo Mattogno started researching this one in late 2020. Once it's finished, we're looking for volunteers to translate it from Italian to English and German, and for sponsors to help us finance it.

Project costs $10,000.00
Raised so far $0
Still Needed $10000.00
The Real Auschwitz Chronicle. By Carlo Mattogno.

Based on thousands of documents, the events of the Auschwitz camp are reconstructed day by day, and parallel to this, it is shown which witch brew made out of it by the Polish, Jewish and Allied propaganda. (Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 48). This book will replace Danuta Czech's highly flawed and deficient Auschwitz Chronicle, an orthodox compendium of lies and deceipts which should be relegated from the non-fiction library section of to fiction section.