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Most of the books and documentaries published by Castle Hill Publishers can be downloaded free of charge (mp4, Kindle and PDF; see here). This way we tear down any financial barriers, and we eliminate any concerns about the loss of privacy, because customers buying books from us or elsewhere usually have to identify themselves, which many don't want to do. This "free for all" policy helps spreading the revisionist message, which is otherwise severely impeded by governmental and "free-market" censorship. The consequence of this for us is, however, that we lose sales. Hence, paying our translators who make these studies available in English and other languages is a struggle. As a matter of fact, very few translations of revisionist books, and no subtitle translations of movies, can be financed by profits made from sales. Asking people to translate books or subtitles free of charge sounds like a good idea, but in that case you usually get what you pay for. Because we want to produce high-quality products, we have to rely to a large extent on professional translators, and they simply cannot work just for the love of it. They must earn their daily bread.

We have therefore decided to do our own crowd-funding. CODOH tried that before, but the big crowd-funding sites not only keep a sizeable chunk of the funds raised for themselves, they also have "Acceptable Use Policies" which frequently prohibit fund-raising for revisionist causes.

So we made ourselves independent and have set up our own crowd-funding web page. It's not as professional as the big corps' sites, but it cannot be censored. So we are here to stay. In addition, we get the proceeds fully and directly, minus any credit card processing fees charged by the banksters, of course.

Below please find the individual projects for which we are currently raising funds to enable us to translate certain books. Please be so kind as to find your favorite project, then click the button on the left to make a donation. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter your credit card information, and as an option also your email address, but you can omit that. You can also donate in other, less direct ways. An explanation of how you would go about doing that can be found at the bottom of this page.

And now the good news: Germar Rudolf has agreed to pitch in with his books, signed and dedicated to YOU personally, as a thank-you gift for your generous donation.

Our Thank-You Gift to You

If you enter your email address when donating, and if your donation exceeds a certain amount as listed below, we will get in touch with you asking you whether you want a hard copy of any one of the following eligible books authored, co-authored or edited by Germar Rudolf, signed and dedicated by him to you personally:

U.S. donors of $50 and more, and foreign donors of $100 and more

U.S. donors of $100 and more, and foreign donors of $150 and more

U.S. donors of $150 and more, and foreign donors of $200 and more

U.S. donors of $200 and more, and foreign donors of $250 and more

We confirm credit card donations by email, if you include your email address here, and by snail mail, if you send a check or cash with your address. Send any mail to:

USA: U.S. checks and money orders payable to CODOH
CODOH, PO Box 20774
York, PA 17402, USA

UK/Europe: UK cheques and money orders payable to Castle Hill Services
Castle Hill Services, PO Box 243
Uckfield, TN22 9AW, UK

Thank you for your kind consideration to help spread the revisionist message.

Note: If you experience problems while placing a credit-card donation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Projects We Ask You to Support

Project costs $8,000.00
Raised so far $1,390.79
Still Needed $6609.21
The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz
The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz. A volunteer is working on this project.
Project costs $20,000.00
Raised so far $0
Still Needed $20000.00
Various translation projects

We have more translation projects (mostly Italian-->German), but are holding back with posting them individually so this project list doesn't get too long. If you are interested in working on any of the following projects, please get in touch. We'll list them for individual fundraising step by step, as earlier, more urgent projects wrap up:

Project costs $7,500.00
Raised so far $1,625.00
Still Needed $5875.00
Staying out of the Memory Hole 2020

With the awareness that revisionists may be entering a period of increased persecution, the Board of Trustees announces a program to preserve and archive revisionist research and educational productions. Currently much of the last 50 years of revisionist research and educational material is stored in “the Cloud,” i.e. private servers. Trusting the Cloud to preserve anything contrary to the politically correct governmental narrative is risky. As we have seen, entire collections of videos and ebooks can be wiped out by Cloud administrators with just a click... and just for violating “community standards.” Fortunately, vast files can now be easily preserved on personal computers with expanded memory capacity. Right now, the transfer would be easy although time-consuming. The expense of this project would be approximately $7,500, and there is already a pledge of $1,000. It may be the most important project CODOH ever undertakes. Please help.