Author: Stephan Gallant


The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate, is one of the best revisionist articles I have read. It has the additional advantage of being in leaflet form. I put them in the postage-free return envelopes I get with my junk-mail. You used to advertise this leaflet in Smith’s Report. Why don’t you still do…

The Guilt of Oskar Gröning and the Innocence of Jewish Sonderkommandos

The much-ballyhooed trial in Lüneburg, Germany of a 93-year-old former SS man who served at Auschwitz over 70 years ago adds nothing to the extant case for the Holo and subtracts nothing from the revisionist case against it. Its chief interest is its insistence on the enhanced culpability of the defendant, Oskar Gröning. Nearly all…

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