Month: July 2018

Setting the Record Straight with Ernst Zündel

During an interview in 1996 Ernst Zundel (1939 – 2017) sets the record straight regarding many topics. Through a very passionate and insightful speech he covers freedom of speech, Canadian youth, Canada, the Canadian Criminal Code's condemnation of the Holocaust and his life. Ernst never gave up in his heroic struggle against the "Holocau$t" lie….

Memorabilia: Ernst Zündel at Leadership “91 Conference (Part 1 of 2)

Ernst Zundel details his experience of court proceedings for his trial in Germany and compares the Munich jail he was in to Toronto's Old Don Jail, etc. Leadership and example is important, and there is no better example than that of Ernst Zundel. In this superb (28 minute) video, Ernst talks about we can all…

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